The world turns
Posted on 26 February 2019.

In 1984 I finished my PhD and opened my studio which I had locked away for a year to keep me focussed on the enchantments of Hermeneutics and Art Discourse.

But once back in, I went nuts and made about 40 big oils that I showed in 1985 at the Karen McKerron Gallery in Bryanston. Among those bought was a diptych called Time Machine. It was later re-sold and spent the last 30 or so years in a collection in Cape Town. I got a call from the owner last year to say he was moving out of his big premises and into a small apartment and needed to sell off much of his collection. After some discussion, I bought back this and another (from my first ever show in 1982) and have had them in my gallery in Schoenmakerskop.

Now there is a third collector who is taking the piece and I have spent the last couple of days touching up and repairing a work that I last applied paint to when I was 34 years old - half my present age! I turned on LM Radio to set the mood sort of and am now feeling that Time Machine (1985) has been appropriately resurrected. It was odd doing touch-ups because I was so tempted to "improve" things, but I did restrain myself in deference to the young Greg and his wild brushes and big colour. Pics of the work and the studio this morning.



Born in Johannesburg in 1949, Gregory Kerr spent much of his working life as a teacher and academic while pursuing a career as an artist.

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